On your marks, get set, share! (8-11 years) - INTERACTIVE FOR GROUPS

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After reading books of their choice, players roll a virtual dice to advance their pawns on the game board, responding orally to questions about the texts read. The first player or team of players to reach the Arrival wins the game!

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Resources to support the development of literacy skills in children aged 4 to 11

For in-school and distance learning

The Littératout Platform

The Littératout resources are integrated with a powerful LMS platform that allows assignment of resources from the teacher interface to student accounts and enables tracking of student progress via the teacher dashboard.

Accessible from school or from home on any device!

Student accounts

Gamified activities

Assignment of activities

Progress tracking


The Littératout Content

Littératout offers a range of resources to support the learning of reading, writing and oral communication for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students: interactive and printable activities, video clips and ebooks with and without narration.

Interactive activities

Video clips


Printable resources



Littératout is a company with a mission to develop and produce quality educational content, promoting student success in literacy, while encouraging their motivation and facilitating differentiated instruction.

Our content stands out for the quality of its pedagogical approach, its originality and its innovative character. Our resources are designed by a team of qualified and experienced educators who have children's literacy needs at heart.

All of our resources are aligned with most Canadian educational programs. Our educational team validates each resource to ensure compliance with the programs.

Littératout is a proud partner supplier for Ontario's education sector thanks to an agreement with the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM).


« Littératout? Une mine de ressources inestimables! Mon coup de cœur est la possibilité de personnaliser l’apprentissage des élèves dans leurs dossiers individuels. L’enseignant peut donner une rétroaction descriptive et l’élève voit son cheminement pour se fixer des objectifs d’amélioration. Nous enseignons à des élèves qui sont tous uniques. Ils sont juste groupés dans un local. Nous devons cesser de penser au groupe-classe et penser plutôt aux individus uniques groupés dans une classe. D’où l’importance d’avoir accès aux meilleures ressources pour nous aider. Merci à l’équipe Littératout de nous appuyer dans notre tâche. »

Angèle Aklah, EAO

Enseignante accompagnatrice - Conseil scolaire public Viamonde


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