About the contest

Dessine-moi ton coup de coeur contest is a "read and draw" contest. To participate, your child will read one or more interactive books available on the Littératout platform and subsequently draw his ou her favorite part of one of the books read.

What is the objective of the contest?

The objective of the contest is to provide an opportunity for your child to express personal thoughts and appreciation of a book read. On our end, this will give us the opportunity to find out more about children's interests and reading preferences.

When does this contest take place?


The contest will be held from December 15th 2019 to January 15th 2020. The draw will take place on Thurday January 16th à noon, Eastern time. This gives your child a month to read and complete his ou her artwork. This is a great Christmas holiday activity for your child!

Who can participate in this contest?

All children ages 4 to 11 are welcome to participate. All that is needed to take part is a Littératout account. If your child does not currently have a subscription to Littératout, you can sign up for a 7 days trial below.

How to participate?

1- First, your child will want to read one or more digital books availble ont the Littératout plateform, by accessing his or her Littératout account.

2Than, your child will want to draw his ou her favorite part of one of the books read.


3- You, as a parent, will want to fill out the Consent form here. You will find the English version of the form on the 2nd page of the document.

3- Finally, as a parent, you will want to send us your child's artwork along with the signed consent form by clicking on the button below.

What are the prices to be won?

Oh la la!!! Your child will love our prices!


Three Geronimo Stilton novels 

9-11 years old

Three mini-novels

7-8 years old

Three albums

4-6 years old

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